Who gains from torturing sick people?

2/11/05 -

There is an interesting discussion going on over at Michael Totten's about torture. And as usual there is the left/right divide. And as usual I have a few words to say:

Here is where I am on it.

I have no problem doing no worse to the insurgents than is done to Americans on a regular basis.

Personally I do not think either side in this debate can stand that much morality.

Is there enough morality here to get the government to stop arresting sick people who use pot for relief?

Can we all agree that putting sick Americans in jail for wanting to feel better is wrong?

Any one with me on this? Anyone at all?

OK lots of you. Or some any way. So where are your voices? Why aren't you forcing this change down the government's throat?

Every day.

So there it is lefties - I won't believe you are serious about morality until you are serious about it at home. For simple obvious cases.

No one gains from torturing sick people.

And righties - no one is going to believe the bit about torture as necessity until you end torture as policy in a situation where there can be no benifit.

Who benefits from torturing sick people?

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