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OCPM Privacy Policy Statement

Free and Anonymous Access
This web site is about and for people suffering with Chronic Pain. Access is free and anonymous. At no time are you required to give any information about yourself to access the web site. The privacy of visitors is of paramount importance to us.

Certain pages within this web site have the ability to place a cookie on your computer. These cookies serve only to remember information that helps you get to pages you want. An example is the Message Board. Cookies are not used to track what pages you look at. Cookie information is not stored in the web server.

Access Logs
Each web page access is recorded in a log file. The contents of the log file are analyzed each week and each month to determine how many visitors we serve, what pages they look at most, and from where they connect. Individual session data is not kept or examined.

Chat Room
Users are required to type in a name to use the chat room. The name need not be a real name and serves only to identify the messages sent by each user of the chat rooms. The chat rooms have some ability to filter profanity. Offensive users can and will be banned from using the room, based on source IP address.

Message Board
The Message Board does not require users to register before they are allowed to post a message but you may do so if you wish. Registration requires users to enter a first name, last name, and e-mail address. The names need not be your real names, but will be used to identify the source of each message posted. Your e-mail address is required because the Message Board sends a temporary password to you via e-mail. This process helps prevent the Message Board from being used by people who would try to take advantage of our users.

Mailing List/Newsletter
We operate a mailing list/newsletter. It is not used for commercial purposes. The mailing list/newsletter addresses are not available for sale or rent to anyone. The mailing list/newsletter exist only to provide an opportunity for OCPM staff and others to share their experiences living with chronic pain.

About "Ask the Doctor" Questions
Visitors who wish to submit a question to the Ask the Doctor are asked to include their name and e-mail address so that we can send them a reply. We do not publish these e-mail addresses unless specifically requested to do so. We do not store these e-mail addresses in a database. They are discarded after an answer to the question has been posted. This also means that we cannot identify the name or e-mail address of someone who submitted a question.

We do not obtain personally identifying information about you during your use of the web site, unless you choose to provide it. If you do choose to add information about yourself to the site -- for example, in the OCPM Photoalbum -- we do not share your data with any third parties.

If you have any questions about your privacy at the our web site, write to:
[email protected]

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