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As the sun basks down over most of the country, activities in the Appalachians are coming to a boil. The Drug Warriors are returning to where it all began...

The Appalachia Mountains

Once again, DEA agents are on a rampage there, planting stories about the evils and dangers of OxyContin. They are portraying it not only as the "addicts" drug, but the downfall of society. These agents are alerting the public with claims that OxyContin is a menace and scourge of their communities. But we know better.

  • We know that this medication, when prescribed by a doctor is a lifesaver of patients in pain.

  • We know that OxyContin, when taken as prescribed by a doctor, does NOT cause death...as claimed.
    But GIVES LIFE when taken as prescribed.

  • We know that the vast majority of drug abuse deaths involving OxyContin (96.7%) have been directly related to the ingestion of multiple drugs, not solely OxyContin. (Re: March issue of Journal of Analytical Toxicology http://www.jatox.com)

It's up to the Pain Community and their supporters to educate the reporters who spread these lies to the public. We need to keep “in check” those who continue to write one-sided, biased articles, without presenting the 'whole story' to the public. We need to speak out about the positive that comes from this medication, something even the manufacturer fails to do....and continue to speak out.

It really does make a difference, writing letters and complaining to editors of newspapers about Irresponsible Reporting.


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The New York Times
has been a leader in Irresponsible Reporting about the lifesaving drug Oxycontin. As of August 2004, they have been officially accused of this by 'stats' (Statistical Assessment Service), inwhich they published the following article August 6th, 2004 proving this. http://www.stats.org/record.jsp?type=news&ID=473

In lew of this information, I sent the following letter to the Times. We at Ocpm, urge you to do the same.
Thank you.

Letter to the Editor
The New York Times

As a member of society who lives with chronic pain daily, I call upon the Times to issue a statement of apology for leading the country to believe that Oxycodone is the scrounge of the nation. You have lead readers to believe that Oxycodone overdoses are the result from patients taking the drug to relieve pain from medical conditions.

By your actions, you have portrayed Oxycontin as a homegrown weapon of mass destruction, which has inflicted enormous damage to the medical community's attempts to treat chronic pain in millions of Americans.

By your actions, you have spread the "Oxy" hysteria that reaches from coast to coast, effecting millions of, not only sufferer's but those that treat them.

If you had researched this further, you would have found that most those abuse cases who have died, turned out instead having consumed a cocktail of illegal drugs, not just Oxycontin.

If you had done any homework, you would have found that based on autopsy reports from 23 states between 1999 and 2001, the mast majority of Oxycodone related deaths (96.7 percent or 919 deaths) had multiple drugs in their systems at the time of death. This study was conducted by scientists and has been available to the public for over a year. (http://www.jatox.com/jan-june03.htm)

Last but not least, if you had CARED, you would have gone out of your way to back up any claims presented to you against this lifesaving drug.

Instead you have, by your actions, shaped the future of millions of Americans with chronic pain.

An apology…at the very least is definitely in order here.

Our Chronic Pain Mission

Standing Together For Adequate Treatment


  • OxyContin does not cause death. It's been proven in almost all cases where there has been death where OxyContin was involved, other substances were found in the bloodstream.
    (March issue of JAT: http://www.jatox.com/jan-june03.htm#)

  • To False Claims: “OxyContin is a highly destructive controlled substance”.
    This simply is not true when TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED BY A PHYSICIAN. (key words: “Taken as prescribed”) This is totally irresponsible reporting at it's best.

  • And yet another:
    “OxyContin is a substance that is in great demand because it's so addictive”
    Oxy is only addicting to the DRUG ADDICT, not to the pain patient who takes this medication to live.

  • It's one thing to print a drug panic article to sell papers when writing about ILLEGAL drugs. The drug written about here is a LEGAL drug. The only people hurt by reports like this are suffering patients who already have problems getting their medicines.

  • There is a well recognized and documented epidemic of under treated chronic pain in this country. Articles like this one in your paper are only making the situation worse.

  • Doctors are afraid to prescribe pain medicine. Stories like this will get more physicians arrested and as a result, patients will suffer.

  • Articles written like yours here cannot be considered good reporting because it ignores the real problem: THE UNDER TREATMENT OF PAIN

  • Newspapers need to report about the Pain Crisis that exists in this country today. It is REAL and deserves to be reported.

  • Reports like this are capitalizing on the War on Drugs, which is a failure. It supports the drug warrior parasites and only causes more harm to our society.

  • What are people like you going to do when as a result of the irresponsible slant written, find yourselves (or someone you love) suffering with chronic pain? And you can't get treatment because there are no doctors left with the courage to prescribe you pain medication?

Irresponsible Reporting

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