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Important Special Vaccine Edition

The U.S. government has already mandated smallpox vaccinations for U.S. troops and first responders, and the rest of us may be next. Meanwhile, a last-minute provision in the recently approved Homeland Security Bill lets vaccine manufacturers off the hook for damages and death they may have caused.

Is the government and their mass media telling you everything you need to know about the smallpox vaccine, and the danger of vaccines in general?

  1. Smallpox Myths, Revisited - Our resident expert, internationally prominent vaccine lecturer Dr. Tenpenny, provides her take of the current smallpox vaccine efforts. Her perspective will help you understand the details of what is behind the news.

  2. Why Vaccines Don't Work as Advertised - Traditional doctors say that the introduction of vaccines was responsible for the dramatic reduction in infectious diseases. This article reveals and explains why the death rates from infectious diseases dramatically decreased prior to vaccine introduction.

  3. Man Imprisoned for Killing Child, Experts Say Death was Result of Vaccinations - A storm is brewing over reports that Alan Yurko was wrongly convicted of violently killing his infant son, who reportedly died of shaken baby syndrome (SBS). The real cause of death? Experts say a catastrophic reaction to vaccinations.

  4. The Danger of Vaccines, and How You Can Legally Avoid Them" Audio Tape - In August 2002, I hosted an important teleconference featuring internationally renowned vaccine expert, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, to discuss the dangers of vaccines and how you can legally avoid them. This 90-minute audio tape presents that many have called the most comprehensive overview of the vaccination issues presents that full conference for you.

  5. Congressman Challenges Government on Link Between Autism and Vaccines - Congressman Dan Burton, whose grandson became autistic shortly after receiving his federally recommended and state-mandated vaccines, challenges President Bush to address the potential link between autism and vaccines.

  6. The Truth About Smallpox - Find out the shocking details of just how low the death rate from smallpox actually is and what really caused the elimination of the disease. One of the last remaining experts, who was actually involved in resolving the last smallpox epidemics, comments on smallpox at CDC’s “Public Forum on Smallpox.”

  7. Public Does Not Understand Smallpox Threat - A recent poll shows that the public has been misguided about the truth of smallpox. Most believe there have been recent infections when this is not the case. Also, get links to new smallpox articles that will be published later this month in NEJM.

  8. Details of Plan to Administer Smallpox Vaccine - Federal health officials explain how they propose to vaccinate Americans against smallpox.

  9. Study Claims Mercury in Vaccines is Insignificant - Lancet published a study “proving” that mercury in vaccines did not exceed safety limits and was not stored in the body. Find out the dozens of reasons why this study was fatally flawed.

  10. "Fatal," a Rivetting Novel, Hits the Mark on Vaccine Issue - "Fatal" is an intense and well-crafted thriller by former physician Michael Palmer that does an exceptional job of exposing the potentially harmful effects that vaccines have on our health -- including the incestual relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, government and big money.

  11. Safe Minds’ Assessment of the Thimerosal-Containing Vaccine Study - A comprehensive analysis as to how the vaccine industry manipulated science to “prove” that the mercury in thimerosal-containing vaccines is safe.

  12. Chickenpox Vaccine May Not Ensure Protection - Children who have been vaccinated for chickenpox may not be protected from infection, as shown by a vaccine failure rate of 56 percent in one daycare outbreak.

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