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Print and distribute

9/07/04 - There's never been a Pain Care Bill introduced in the Congress before now. That's because the undertreatment of pain is a very serious problem in the country today.

The FACTS are:

  • 75 million Americans suffer serious pain annually:
  • 50 million of those endure serious chronic pain annually (pain lasting 6 months or more)
  • 25 million experience acute pain (from injuries, accidents, surgeries, etc)
  • Of those numbers, only 1 in 4 patients received adequate treatment.

Also as startling, this Pain Act, which was introduced in 2002 by Rep. Mike Rogers (MI), is still in desperate need of co-sponsors.

That's where 'The Pain Act Brochure' will prove a useful tool; an excellent way to "locally" spread the word about this important piece of legislation that is so urgently needed.

Please print and distribute everywhere.


To Print 2 Sided

Place the cursor anywhere on the first page and click "Print".
Under the print options, select "Current Page."
It will warn that the margins are too small and ask to proceed?
Click Yes.

When finished, take and turn printed page over in the correct position to print side two.
Move the cursor down to anywhere on the next page, and repeat the "print process".

You will have a 2-sided brochure when folded in thirds, will have the medical logo on the front page, the Summary of the Act inside and the List of Co-sponsors etc on back.

Brochure designed, developed and produced by Dorothy Ross, President, Friends in Pain Supporting Online (FIPSO) http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/fipso/

Thank you Dorothy. You have done a tremendous service for pain patients everywhere.

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