Ocpm Statement Regarding
The New York Times
Biased Reporting

"Lead Us Not Into Pain" August 6th, 2004
By STATS: Statistical Assessment Service

Dear Reader;

As members of society who live with chronic pain daily, we find it inexcusable that The New York Times played a major role in leading the country to believe that Oxycodone is the scrounge of the nation. This publication has helped spread the "Oxy hysteria" that now reaches from coast to coast, affecting millions of sufferer's and those that treat them. By portraying Oxycontin as a homegrown weapon of mass destruction, they have inflicted enormous damage to the medical community's attempts to treat chronic pain in millions of Americans today.

Those who care to research this further, will find out that most of those abuse cases that have died, turned out instead having consumed a cocktail of illegal drugs. The fact is, that based on autopsy reports from 23 states between 1999 and 2001, the mast majority of Oxycodone related deaths (96.7 percent or 919 deaths) had multiple drugs in their systems at the time of death. This study was conducted by scientists and has been available to the public for over a year. (http://www.jatox.com/jan-june03.htm)

The Times should have gone out of their way to investigate any claims that were presented to them against this lifesaving drug. Instead they have taken the lead in shaping the future of millions of Americans with chronic pain.

We call upon you to write to The New York Times, urging the newspaper to issue a formal apology to the country for creating a situation of holocaust proportions.

Please let your voice be heard.

Write them today.

The New York Times
[email protected]

Thank you.

Our Chronic Pain Mission
Standing Together For Adequate Treatment

Reference Article:

Lead Us Not Into Pain August 6th, 2004
STATS: Statistical Assessment Service


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