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    ballglass PROCESS ALL OVER

    ballglass CRIMINAL:

    ballglass OTHERS

      ballglassDonald Kreutzer, M.D.
      Convicted in Illinois state court, awaiting sentence. All charges at trial related to two undercover agents, in at least one of whom meds (Vicodin) had been when "patient" didn't bring in his pay slips

      ballglassJeri Hassman, M.D.
      Who previously had the largest pain practice in Tucson, AZ, indicted and awaiting trial.

      ballglassDrs. Robert Osborne, Jennifer Schneider, and Susan Fleming:
      Pharmacy records subpoenaed by Arizona Medical Board for the latter two being expert witnesses for Dr. Hassman.

      ballglass Bernard Rottschaefer, M.D.
      Indicted on 208 counts involving 5 patients, including OxyContin and some Schedule IV drugs, criminal forfeiture of office, bank accounts, and medical license.

      ballglass Randall Lievertz, M.D.
      Of Indiana, indicted on charges carrying sentence of 20 years plus $1 million fine. Concern was apparently related to the amount that Medicaid had to pay for OxyContin prescriptions

      ballglass Dr. Denis Deonarine M.D.
      Of Florida indicted for murder in OxyContin overdose, could face death or life imprisonment.

      ballglass Dr. Daniel Maynard M.D.
      Of Dallas, TX, office, home, bank raided, Medicare payments frozen, said to be "linked to 11 overdose deaths."

      ballglass Dr. Statkis M.D.
      Of Virginia, raided, threatened with indictment

      ballglass Dr. Dudley Hall M.D.
      Of Bridgeport, CT, possibly convicted.

      ballglass Dr. Jesse Benjamin Henry, Jr.
      And his wife of Albuquerque, indicted for first-degree murder; patient overdosed on medications.

      ballglass Dr. Katarzyna Rygiel M.D.
      Facing charges by California Board of Medicine related to treatment of drug addicts with pain.

      ballglass Dr. Richard Garcia Munoz M.D.
      In the midst of a hearing before Pennsylvania Board of Medicine related to the treatment of a patient disabled by chronic headaches and back pain.

      ballglass Dr. Tad Lonergan, M.D.
      Arrested and thrown into jail for prescribing Tylenol 3 to undercover agent who complained of migraine, without doing a pelvic exam.

      ballglass Dr. Pascual Herrera, M.D. license revoked in Alabama in wake of OxyContin hysteria, for "sloppy handwriting."

      ballglassDr. Rogelio Banaga

      ballglassDr. David Michael Jarrott

      ballglassDr. Dewundara Dayananda
      http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=10334376&BRD=982&PAG=461&dept_id= 467992&rfi=6

      ballglassDr. Subadra Deandra
      http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=10334376&BRD=982&PAG=461&dept_id= 467992&rfi=6

Please note: This list is not complete, as there are many other cases not highlighted here.

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