Once this game loads in,  Click on applet and hit F2 to begin a game! Also use F5 to stop.
This is an on-line game and you dont have to download it to play it; if you still see nothing  in the box above, make sure that you are viewing this page with a  java enabled on your browser!
Collect all the numbers from 1-9 to advance to better levels. Do this without crashing into walls or eating yourself!! There are 7 levels in the game. The levels get harder each time you progress!
Use the arrow keys on they keyboard to move about

Coded in java from scratch by Adam Malinowski, rendered graphics by Michael Buenavintura
Adam Malinowski [email protected]
Michael Buenavintura [email protected]

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All the files can be downloaded from here by clicking on the disk.... 
Unzip the files and upload them into your web-page directory, and then add the above HTML code to your page and you're set!
This game is freeware! The source code is included in the zip...

Java Games are best played on MSIE4 or NS Communicator 4
note: This is the final version of WERMZ.  E-mail general questions / comments about the game to:[email protected]