"Your Underwear Sir"

I have made a number of very memorable trips to Portugal. It is a beautiful country with a cultural heart that boggles the mind. Few European countries can offer the splendid variety of scenery and wonderful things to see and do.

Cascais, pronounced cash-kay-ish is an unspoiled and enchanting fishing village on the coast about eighteen miles from Portugal's magnificent capital Lisbon. Beautiful beaches, incredibly scenic fishing boats bobbing on the waters of the harbor and five star hotels make Cascais a very popular spot.
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It just so happened that the Portuguese Tourist Board, my host for that particular trip had chosen to include a few days of our itinerary taking in the ambiance and the attractions of this charming village. It was close to Lisbon and yet a travel experience completely distinctive in its own right.

One of our nights in Cascais was spent enjoying a Broadway like show in the nearby casino. One of the images with this story shows some of the dancing girls from that casino, I loved having that shot taken. It was an unforgettable evening and even managed to make my dream of having a picture taken with a group of costumed dancing girls come true. The casino manager, our host for the evening pulled a few strings to make it happen.
Coach Museum
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On the morning that we were to leave, we went through the hotel check out procedure and were just about to get into the car to continue our journey to Fatima when a group of three bellboys with trays raised high in the air as though they were about to serve dinner came moving elegantly towards us.

Could this be a parting gift of taste delights I wondered. As they passed other guests everyone broke into gales of laughter. When they reached the car we quickly saw why.


It seemed that in my haste to pack in the very early morning, I had forgotten to pack my boxer shorts, a few shirts and sox as well. In keeping with the hotel's elegant service, the bell men had been sent to fetch them and carry them down the elevator and out to the car where we were preparing to leave.

It was certainly kind of them to ensure that the items were not left behind. The fact however that they had been paraded past large groups of people throughout the hotel on their way to me did leave my face a bright shade of red. On the other hand I don't imagine that too many other people have ever had their underwear served up on silver trays. It only happened to me once, once on the other hand is more than enough.
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