"Weekend In Paris"

When I was in radio I used to play songs inspired by one of the most incredible cities in the world Paris.

Paris is a feast for the eyes, for the palate, for the heart, indeed for every soul. The city of Paris is one of the best examples in the world of the human capacity to create beauty in art, in music, in architecture in dance, literature and the list goes on and on. The history of Paris is a golden treasure chest of memories written on the pages of time.

It is one thing to plan a vacation in France for a few weeks. It's another thing altogether to pick up a phone and have a voice say to you " can you go to Paris for the weekend and get a few shots for us?" To go to Europe, particularly Paris for just a weekend really stretches the imagination.

When a friend of mine from Air Canada called me and asked me to go I could not believe it. The idea was, to take off in about five hours after the phone call, be in Paris the next morning and take pictures for the weekend. That really set my imagination aflame.. Believe it or not it took me almost an hour to find someone who could take off with me on such short notice but I did find one special friend to be my assistant.

The picture of the city spread out as far as the eye can see was taken from the first lookout station on the Eiffel Tower. I couldn't make it to the top because I am terrified of heights and me a pilot at that.

Paris from the Eiffel Tower

The Arch de Triumph, when you are sitting on one of the benches at its base, resounds with the sounds of traffic, music, people and voices from the past. As I sat there I could hear the sound of goose stepping feet of Hitlers troops marching under the Arch. I could not help but shudder at the thought of what might have taken place had Hitler's order to destroy Paris been carried out.

The Arch De Triumph at any time is a commanding sight. At night you can sit at one of the sidewalk cafes on the Champs De Elysee and drink in not only the wonderful wines of France, but the unequalled romantic atmosphere of this City of art and love.

Arch de Triumph
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Arch de Triumph at night
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The Eiffel Tower is one of the most instantly recognizable monuments anywhere in the world. When it was first built, it was hated by the people of Paris today however it is seen as a distinctive mark of beauty on the Paris Skyline. It is not a place though for tourists with a fear of heights. If you are anything like me, I can't even walk out onto a typical apartment balcony without getting the heebe jeebes. Because of the style of open vista construction, where ever you stand on the tower there is no sense of closed in security. It doesn't matter where you are the sense of height is over emphasized, it nearly drove me crazy.

Eiffel Tower

It doesn't matter where you might be in Paris you will see people with artistic hearts capturing the ambiance of the city on paper like the young man leaning up against a lamp post. The streets of Paris are filled with artists. The area of the city devoted specifically to the artists is a wonderland.

Young Artist
The idea of this particular weekend trip to Paris was to create an audio- visual program designed to show people that Paris need not be an expensive place to go. Of course it can be, big time but you could walk all day looking at sights and it would not cost you a dime. Pardon me I mean a frank.

The beautiful pavilion in the park like setting is the Temple of Love at the Palace of Versailles just outside of Paris. I threw money into the moat surrounding it and asked the goddess of love to help me. I said if there is any woman in this world who is interested in love, fidelity and respect more than looks, and who could love a fat man I would really love to meet her. I met Barb the weekend after I returned home, took her to the CFMO, my radio station fall dance and we have been together ever since.

The majestic fountain is one of the striking and delightful features of the Place De Concorde. When I was taking the shot, a woman, I think she was from Holland, she could not speak English came over and motioned that she wanted to have her picture taken with me. I of course complied, I have had that request many times before. With all my cameras around my neck I make for quite a sight and some people want to show folks back home the big man they met where ever.

The most important church in Paris I believe must be Notre Dame but the beautiful, white structure Sacre Ceour is, at least to me the more beautiful and it also has one of the most outstanding views of Paris.

Temple of Love
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Fountain at Place De Concorde
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Sacre Ceour
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Be Well
Big Jim

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