"Ottawa Is Home"

For anyone who has never been to Ottawa, Canada's Capital I thought I would show you a few shots of it. I spent forty years in this city as a radio and television personality. I used to get a real kick out of being on the air and knowing that my voice was in houses all over the city any given night.

War Memorial

It always amazed me how many lonely people there were in the city particularly women. I used to get at least fifty calls every night from people who just wanted to say hello and have someone to talk to people on the verge of suicide. I enjoyed being the voice of the evening in the city and every Saturday night for almost thirty years I did a show called " The Stereo Dance Party" that show had more listeners than all the other radio stations put together but that was all part of another time.

The pictures shown here include the entire downtown core taken from a helicopter with the door off and me leaning way out so I could use the full frame fisheye lens to get the curve effect and make it look like Ottawa was on top of the world. In the center of the picture you can see our parliament buildings the seat of Canadian government.

Another shot shows our war memorial in the center of the city a grand old monument that reminds of other times and the insanity of war. In still another shot you see Canada's Supreme Court Building. The green roofs are because the roofs are covered with copper that turns green as it ages, all government buildings in the downtown area are done in the same manner.

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Aerial Ottawa
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Parliament Buildings
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In the spring, Ottawa is famous for its colorful tulip beds. The tulips are a gift each year from the Queen of Holland who spent the second world war in Canada and in memory of those times she presents her host country with the gift of many colors.

Other views including an aerial show the Parliament Buildings and there is a shot as well of the Rideau Canal which was built by Ottawa's founder Colonel John By.

In the winter months, when the canal freezes it becomes the longest skating rink in the world where thousands of residents and visitors alike gather to enjoy the popular sport for the whole family.

Supreme Court

Ottawa is a beautiful city and for American travelers a real bargain when you consider that your dollar is worth almost twice as much as ours.

I no longer live in the Capital city, that was another lifetime for me. Now I reside as I have for about fifteen years in a small town about an hours drive from Ottawa called Renfrew but I will always recall with great affection my years as a broadcaster in Canada's Capital.

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