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Back a number of years a television series came on the little screen to capture the hearts of travel lovers everywhere. It features the characters of Captain Stubbing, Gopher, Doc, Issac and Julie these loveable types were the crew of "The Love Boat" and the public fascination with cruising went through the roof. That tv program did more to promote the pleasures of a travel experience than any other show ever to hit the airwaves. I know that when I first saw the show, I was hooked both on the show and on the idea of going on a cruise.

Song Of Norway

The beautiful white, floating palace you see passing under the Lion's Gate suspension bridge in Vancouver is The Royal Princess. She, in this picture is on her way for another ten day adventure to Alaska. Barb took this shot after we had just come back from our voyage on this magnificent vessel ourselves.

When I first told Barb that we had been offered this trip she was not all that interested. She had never even seen a ship like this and wondered what we could do on a boat for ten days. A boat indeed. This boat was as high as a twelve story building, a quarter of a mile walk or jog around the deck, it had two night clubs that could seat 600 each, the most elegant dining room you have ever seen, a full movie theater and that is just for starters. In short Royal Princess is like a world of its own. She was very surprised when she actually got on the ship and like me became an avid cruiser right from the word go.

If I look a bit tied up it is because the shot me with all the colored stuff around me was taken on the last night of the cruise party and this was just part of the festivities.

In another shot, the beautiful ship behind me is the Song of Norway I had taken this beauty to Bermuda for a one week trip as a host of a special travel group. A friend of mine had a travel agency in Ottawa and he put together a cruise with me as host, you frequently see than with radio or tv personalities. I would up with 23 in my group and I discovered that I was not really cut out to be a host, you have to be a hell of a lot more outgoing than I am. It was however a pleasant experience for one time and we all really enjoyed the ship.

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Big Jim
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Royal Princess Stern
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The young lady in the fisheye lens shot was taken on the Royal Princess, you can see the majestic pool area all around her. Meeting people is one of the best aspects of being on a cruise because most people seem to have all their defenses let down and they just want to have fun. I found on every cruise I was ever on that when the ship pulled away from the cock, your cares were left on the shore and for whatever time you were on the ship you felt totally relaxed.

The pool area on the Royal Princess is one of the most distinctive I have seen on all the ships I have been on and one of the biggest as well and this is just one of several pools on the ship.

Indeed the Royal Princess remains my favorite ship. Just look at the lines of this beauty. I had so many unforgettable experiences on board, I have actually sailed on her twice once to Alaska with Barb and once through the Panama Canal with my lovely daughter Mary Lynne. I will be telling you about that trip with pictures as well, soon. One of the exceptional experiences on a cruise ship is a walk around the deck late at night. With no lights to interfere with the scene you can see the stars with a clarity that is beyond belief, it is without doubt one of the most romantic settings you will ever see. A great place to rekindle an old love or to find a new one.

Another experience I shall never forget was leaving the port of Curacao. I sat on the Lido Deck of the Royal Princess a gigantic open deck area with plenty of comfortable chairs. It was just around sunset and everyone else had gone in to get ready for dinner so I was all alone. I watched the destination fade in the distance as the sun fell below the horizon, what a beautiful and relaxing time that was. There are many of those special moments on a cruise ship. Another great feature for people like us who are in constant chronic pain, the ship has a fully equipped and staffed hospital facility.

It would really be great if we could arrange an OCPM Cruise and spend a few incredible weeks together in that kind of luxury as we explore some exotic places. What a dream. If I could do that just once with you guys I could die happy.

Royal Princess

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