"Hang Gliding"

With all the traveling I have done all over the world, I am hard pressed to look at any one destination as my absolute favorite over all the others. It is however a toss up between Hawaii and Egypt for very different reasons in each case.

Hawaii Sign

I love Hawaii for its unequalled beauty, the wonderfully romantic atmosphere, the charm of its places and stories and so much more. I suppose I could say that all of these also apply to Egypt but my prime interest in Egypt is its unbelievable history. I actually lived on the Siani Desert for a year when I was in the Canadian Army as part of the United Nations Emergency Force but that is another story.

I have a dream of winning the lottery and moving to Honolulu for the rest of my days, God I love that place.

I have been to Hawaii a dozen times and right from my first time there, I made a pilgrimage to a mountain top jump off spot for hang gliders from all over the world. I really canít say what the rules are now, but back in those days one was allowed to drive up a long and winding, dirt road to a normally hidden spot. Sun tanned bodies sprung up like a forest every morning of the week as the wind riders would unwrap their kites or gliders, put them together and then, putting their lives in the hands of fate simply step over the edge of a thousand foot cliff.

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Long Shot
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When these adventurous men and women stand ready in take off position, say a silent prayer or even out loud for that matter and lift the nose of their glider into the wind, the glider climbs straight up at a speed that is like a gunshot.

There are many obvious reasons why Hawaii is such a wonderful spot to indulge in the sport of hang gliding. For one thing the weather is perfect 99% of the time as is the topography. On that majestic hill top setting you will not find too many characters like me, wandering around with just a camera that is. Most of the people you see, are there to fly and fly they do just like angels.

Take Off
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Getting Ready
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As you gaze out, over one of the worlds most unrivaled settings with the ocean spread out far below, edged by a strip of warmed, golden sand, the sky is filled with gigantic bird like creatures floating like multi colored decorations on the wonderfully fragrant air.

The pictures you are looking at here are just a handful of the thousands I took in Hawaii. One of my life long dreams was to visit Hawaii for myself. That dream came true a dozen times. There was one person I wanted to take there and that would have made it perfect, but not all wishes can come true. There will, however always be the dream.

Be well my friends Ė Aloha
Big Jim

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