"Big Jim's World"

Big Jim's World
"Big Jim's World" the image you see of me in front of our beautiful planet hanging there in space, speaks for itself. You also see a very bright light in my hands. I came up with this visual combination to use as the image designed to tell the story of my occupation when I began to work for myself as a sort of communications, "Jack of All Trades" Over printing on the card read "Always an Idea In Hand." The light, of course meaning to represent the idea.

I must say that this card really did a job for me both in my bid to make some dollars to live on and as a door opener for various promotional, trade off arrangements.

I was never one of the lucky ones, who's paycheck over the years was written with generous numbers. I had guys working with me in radio who had to clean buildings, after their on air work just to feed their families. In those days, broadcasting didn't pay all that much. The funny thing was, that our listening public and for that matter people in our personal circle of friends and relatives thought that because we were considered celebrities, that we made big bucks. It was just not so. Anyway, I created that special image to support my personal business and promotional efforts and it did work very well for me. I was luckier than many because even though I was not one of the highly paid. I had a very marketable series of talents that I used very much to my advantage.

I was a writer, a photographer and a producer but most important I was an idea person. I don't think a person would be able to pull it off now but in those fun filled days for me I was able to trade ability for product. I had gotten to know a lot of people, relatively high up on the corporate promotional ladder of airlines, shipping companies, various travel industry big wigs and so on. It's a long story but suffice to say that "Big Jim's World" happened because of a very convenient and workable set of circumstances. All that was a lot of years ago before the entire foundation of my life became based on pain but it sure made for a great bank of treasured memories.

Big Jim in the plane
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The deal was that I was always provided first class for whatever trip is was taking for the airlines or other travel industry segment, for myself and of course my assistant. I always took an assistant on every trip to help carry cameras etc. The reference to first class ties in with the second image in this particular group showing me getting set to sip champagne as we climb into the wild blue yonder. You know one of the lovely things I loved about flying, it was always a beautiful sunny day even on the rainiest or darkest day just a few minutes after take off when the plane broke through the clouds. As was often the case I was the only passenger in first class on any given particular trip. Unlike today, back then, there were any number of little comfort extras provided to passengers. One of those little goodies was a set of slippers, which the stewardess had already given to me before take off. I pretended that I thought they were ear warmers just to give them a laugh. They insisted that we take this rather unusual, in flight picture.

AYoung Big Jim

On this particular trip, I had been asked to do some photography in San Francisco and neighboring San Mateo. One of my places to shoot in San Mateo was a delightful combination zoo and fun fair. I asked if it would be possible to get any good animal shots nice and close up. They asked me what I thought of getting into a cage with five tiger cubs. To me the name cub means small and cute so I said why not. In one of the shots shown here you will see that there is one of these darling little guys taking a rather generous bite out of my behind. It is amazing how powerful these not so little guys really are. Ever since this photo shoot I have always wanted my own little tiger. Can you imagine when once it was full grown and unwanted company dropped in. All you would have to do is say "Simba Eat".

Big Jim and his friends
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Big Jims' odd job man
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Big Jim in San Fran
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Big Jim with tiger cubs
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Big Jim and the whale
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In yet another image I managed to get up close and personal with another of natures finest with a mouth considerably bigger than a tiger cub. It doesn't matter where you go, any trip you take would offer a million visual moments all of which can be a special memory for you to share through the years.

Be well
Big Jim

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