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They say that to go to Australia is the trip of a lifetime and for many reasons, it most certainly is. When my friend at Canadian Pacific Airlines asked me if I would photograph Hawaii, Fiji and Australia for them and create a Big Jim Audio Visual Presentation on each for promotional purposes, I couldn't believe it. Since I was to be gone for six to eight weeks I was being allowed to take my wife and daughter.

Sydney Opera House

I never dared to even dream that one day I would actually get to visit Australia. When I looked down from the DC-10 on the beginning of a very sunny day down under and my eye caught sight of the Sydney Opera House, I knew that the impossible had happened and Big Jim Bristow was really here.

Because we had crossed the international date line we had arrived on the day before we left home, that is a neat feeling. We were also more tired than I have ever been on any trip having been actually in the airplane for almost 24 consecutive hours. That was one really long flight. We did stop in Hawaii and again in Fiji to refuel but only for an hour in each case. We would be visiting each of those places on the way back but for our first three to four weeks it would be Australia that would tantalize the lenses of my cameras.

The visit to Australia was to include Sydney of course, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately The Outback was not to be part of the trip. We did spend some time in a Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, visited a sheep farm and so much more.

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Sydney Opera House
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Sydney Opera House Aerial
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I loved everything about this incredible land down under. The people were wonderful and it had more a feeling of being at home than any other destination I had ever visited.

I will of course be doing a number of stories about Australia. I have a lot of great pictures I want to share with you and I am sure Gavin will take special delight in showing shots of his beautiful country.

Australia has one of the most fascinating histories of any destination in the world. Because of it's location in the world it is far more than just another country, Australia is like a whole world of its own. If the world in its insanity ever does blow itself up it may well be Australia alone that remains.


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