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Papa & Sharon Oct 2003
Tom and Sharon Oct 2003
Here's a new picture of Sharon and myself taken a couple of months ago. This is after about 115 lbs of weightloss for me!

The View From Papas' Window
The View Dec 30th 2003
This was taken in my back yard, just outside our kitchen window. Pretty neat view, huh?
We can actually see nine peaks from our house and it is one of the prettiest views in this neck of the woods.
Anyway, these are the Three Sisters Mountains, part of the Cascade Range.

Papa (Tom) & his Wife Sharon
Tom and Sharon
March 2003 - Here's a newer photo of us (Sharon & me) on our recent trip to New Ulm, Minnesota and surrounding areas.
We had so much fun and with my pain much decreased, it was a lot easier to smile and enjoy myself like I hadn't done in quite a few years.
This was taken at a local brewery, Schell's, where Sharon's grandfather worked for over 30 years. . . . . .and probably drank a brew or two.

Papa (Tom)
Papa @ the Vatican Gardens
Papa with his Grandaughter Katie (age 12), Mother-in-law Agnes & his Wife Sharon
at the Vatican Gardens, April 2001

Papa is a handy woodworker - below are pictures of his handywork made Xmas 2001 for his Grandson

Papa @ work
Papa @ work
Papa's Corral
Papa's Corral
Hotel Closeup
Hotel Closeup

The Horses
The Horses
The Corral
The Corral
Papa's Hotel
Papa's Hotel

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