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Judy & Michael
(Sadly Judy passed away Nov. 6 2001 - Another Angel to watch over us all)


A Special Tribute to Judy
written by Big Jim Bristow

Another leaf has fallen off the tree of life Leaving the rest of us to remember and tell the story We hold on as a leaf to the tree in the midst of pain and strife And treasure what we know of Judy's life and glory

We live through too short a season Reaching out to touch those whom we hold so dear In a life of chronic pain there is no reason For those who live on the edge of life with the end so near

It does no good to question or even wonder why That our lives and those of the ones we love and cherish Should be so filled with terrible moments as time flies by For in the end, as all who have gone before we too will perish

We may no longer see her or hear her voice But She is ever here and allways will be for those who cared For she will live forever in our hearts to us a love of choice As a memory, she is but a thought away always a part of moments shared.

No name that has ever appeared upon this site Will ever be lost or fade from our collective minds It is ever there as a treasure's light To remind us always of such precious finds

Judy may be gone but in truth she has not left us without a picture of her smiling face This was her home and it will be still In the garden of our souls the tree of our lives and hers will stay forever in place As she waits for us where there is no pain, holding a place for us to fill.

God Bless You Judy
Your Friends and OCPM Family Will Miss You
Big Jim

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