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dove O.C.P.M.

surfin Hi my name is arronb
I live in Perth, Western Australia
I am 34 years of age - the baby of the OCPM Fab Five !!!
Of course it would help if the rest
of the Fab Five weren't such old farts LOL

Sorry about the quality of my fellow Aussies here,
My scanning skills need some work LOL

You can tell by these photos that we're a fit lot down under,
before CP I used to partake in both these sports.

Of course my real name isn't arronb - it's
Gavin. I happened across my nickname (arronb)
when I first started using the internet 5 years ago.

I have been a Chronic Pain sufferer for 4 years
I fell off some scaffolding at work and stuffed up my back.
I had surgery at L5/S1 in 1996, 10 months after my accident,
and have suffered with CP ever since.

My involvement withOur Chronic Pain Mission started after the
infamous demise of that other place (can't mention the name here LOL)
I help out here by just being me !!! LOL
No really it's the truth.
Oh OK then, I help out with HTML,
and by keeping the old farts 'inline' !!!


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