To the Family of a Chronic Pain Patient

By Skip Baker
'American Society for Action on Pain'

If you have a family member who is suffering with chronic pain you may have thought that if they use opioid pain medicine that they would become addicted and start down a long road of despair and failure. Just the opposite would begin.

Once their medicine was titrated up to the amount they needed daily to control their pain just right, they'd once again become productive citizens. Many are amazed to have their old husband or wife back once their pain is controlled.

To learn about Titration:

In one study by the US Government, only 7 out of 24,000 pain patients who were ON narcotic or opioid pain medicine, never had ANY problems with addiction when they found a way to stop their pain.

And they believe that those 7, making up a tiny fraction of one percent, may have had addictive personalities to begin with. So the chances of your loved one becoming addicted are just about zero!

They will become "dependant" on having the medicine at all times, but that's entirely different and everything must be done to see to it that they have it if they are going to rejoin society and become productive again.

The problem that your loved one faces is in getting enough opioid medicine to control all of their pain, all of the time. That's where YOUR help is vital if they are going to survive.

The suicide rate for Chronic Pain Patients is 900% above the average because most families don't know this information.

Another 17,000 Americans are dying of the bleeding complications of NSAIDS because most doctors didn't provide them with real pain medicine instead. This is because of their fear of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the ravages of the War On Drugs that turned on innocent doctors and began prosecuting them as though they were some kind of Drug Dealer when they were actually treating pain right and doing what medicine was designed to do in the first place.

Once they come to understand that what they thought they knew about drugs is all wrong and the result of years of propaganda, many families are amazed at the change in their loved ones who are finally provided with adequate and ongoing opioid pain medicine for the rest of their lives. By helping your loved one now to return to the living, you can change their life and insure that they will be with you until a ripe old age.

At the American Society for Action on Pain we help patients like us find doctors who know that pain must be treated or the victim will be lost. By helping your loved one get to a doctor that one of our members recommends, you can save their life and begin to enjoy a fresh new person who will be eternally grateful for what you did.

Skip Baker, President, ASAP

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