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The 'War on Drugs' has become a 'War on Doctors' who treat pain. The very treatment of 'Intractable Pain' remains one of the most important problems in America. Thousands ARE suffering because of policies regarding how pain medication is administered.

Ask these physicians what it means to prescribe narcotics in this country today:

  • Dr. Robert Weitzel of Utah was convicted of negligent homicide but then acquitted in a new trial after the prosecutor was found to have concealed exculpatory evidence. The jury needed only a few hours of deliberation to find him not guilty. Nevertheless, he was sent to jail based on an unrelated admission of a record-keeping violation;

  • Dr. Deborah Bordeaux of South Carolina was convicted under a ³drug kingpin² statute carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years, after working a mere two months in a locum tenems position treating chronic pain among other ailments;

  • Dr. William Hurwitz of Virginia had his retirement account seized and faces potential indictment, even though his pain practices were under the careful supervision of the medical board;

  • Dr. Jeri Hassman of Arizona, who had the largest pain practice in Tucson, is being threatened with a 28-year prison term, apparently because a small fraction of her patients used the prescriptions in unauthorized ways.

These and others are fighting against a Government Policy filled with so much danger, the whole medical industry seems to be changing the very standards of WHAT IS and WHAT IS NOT the proper way to treat pain.

Doctors in increasing numbers, for the sake of their own safety, are allowing patients to suffer in agony...as fewer and fewer physicians are prescribing opioids for fears of being targeted.

Meanwhile the suffering continues. Patients suddenly are left untreated...without hope of getting relief at all.

This is where The Kit will prove beneficial, to both the physician and patient.

If followed, it's Guidelines will give law enforcement no reason to intervene.

To those who argue The Kit is "too intrusive" into a patient's life or too "exhaustive" for parties involved...we ask this:

Of what importance do (your) medications have in your life right now?

If the answer is 'of great importance'....we rest our case.

Please help your doctor stay safe from proscecution.

Help him....before he's FORCED to stop helping you.

On to The Survival Kit

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